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The National Crime Agency replaced the serious organised crime agency in October 2013. The National Crime Agency is neither a police force nor an intelligence agency. The National Crime Agency’s aim is to use a combination of intelligence and law enforcement powers to reduce serious organised crime. Like the Serious Organised Crime Agency it is likely to claim that it is not a secret organisation. However, it accepts that it uses covert techniques and tactics and operates discreetly when necessary.

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The National Crime Agency’s officers are designated with the powers of a constable, an officer of HM Revenue and Customs, an immigration officer, or a combination of these. The National Crime Agency has no uniformed officers or marked vehicles. At its inception the National Crime Agency’s main strategic priorities were to:

  • Tackle serious and organised crime

  • Strengthen UK borders,

  • Investigate serious fraud

  • Tackle cyber and computer crime,

  • protect children and young people from sexual abuse and exploitation

  • investigate serious Drugs offences

A major part of The National Security Agency’s work is the compilation and assessment of criminal intelligence and related information.

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The National Crime Agency will generally gather and hold information about individuals who are suspected to be involved in the commission or involvement in serious crime. This will include suspects close associates. The National Crime Agency will also hold information about individuals where this is required in connection with UK or international duties (eg reciprocity). The National Crime Agency will also gather and hold information that would enable the identification and profiling of people whose activities fall within the serious crime categories noted above.


The National Crime Agency will usually gather information, including intelligence, through their own operations, from other law enforcement agencies (police, border control etc.) and the private sector.

With covert techniques available, you should be wary of potential investigations. If you think you have cause for concern, contact us so that we can investigate your concerns.

Under the Ambit of the National Crime Agency are the:


  • Border Policing Command;

  • Economic Crime Command; 

  • Organised Crime Command; 

  • National Cyber Crime Unit;

  • Child Exploitation and online protection Centre;


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