Economic Crime Command

The Economic Crime command's ambit is to tackle serious economic and financial crime. They say they will seek to do this by undermining those who engage in economicunlawful activity and seeking to educating institutions and organisations that are most seriously at risk of attack.

They will attempt to do this by co-ordinating and sharing intelligence, information & knowledge

with partners, seeking to disrupt criminal activity and seizing cash & assets.

The Economic Crime covered by the Economic Crime Command expands over a range of crimes including, but not limited to:

  • Serious Fraud
  • Intellectual property crime
  • Organised Identity crime
  • The production and movement of Counterfeit currency

The Economic Crime Command’s approach will be to pursue those who are suspected of committing or being involved in economic crime against the UK or UK citizens.

It is likely that where the Economic Crime Command has gathered evidence, they will seek to prosecute those suspected of being involved with a view to seizing assets and dismantling criminal operations.


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