Traffic Lights

Unless you are actually observed driving through a red (or amber) light, you are likely to face prosecution as a result of driving through a red light as a result of being photographed. Should your car be observed or caught on camera driving through are light, the registered keeper of the vehicle is likely to receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution . The registered keeper should reply to the notice of intended prosecution within 28 days, notifying either (i) that they accept the penalty; or, (ii) if the registered keeper was not driving the vehicle at the time of the offence, giving details of who the driver was at the time. Should you have received a notice of intended prosecution, contact us now and we will call you back to discuss the options and defences that might be available following an allegation of failing to observe a traffic signal.

What is the Law Regarding Traffic Lights

As a starting point, you should only drive through a traffic light if the light shown is green. There are many common misunderstandings about when you can drive through an amber traffic light or when you can drive through a red traffic light.


If the traffic light is showing amber you MUST stop unless the car has already passed the white stop line. Where the car is so close to the stop line that stopping at an amber light might cause an accident, then it may be permissible to continue to drive through the amber light.


Where you have driven through a red light, there may be circumstances in which a prosecution can still be defended. Contact us now and we will call you back to discuss your case and the options available to you.

If I Had Stopped at a Red Light, It Would Have Caused an Accident. Is That a Defence to Driving Through a Red Light?

There are defences to driving through a red traffic light, including being pushed into a position where you are in contravention of the traffic sign but you should proceed with caution. A successful defence is hugely dependent on the correct identification of all of the relevant facts, expert legal knowledge and expert presentation in court. Let us assess your case, advise on defences that may be available and represent you throughout your case. You can contact us here.

Due to the Weather Conditions, (rain or snow) I Tried to Stop but the Car Skidded and Passed the White Line. Is This a Defence?

You are required to bear in mind the stopping distances required in all types of weather conditions. If you were to defend this allegation, it is likely that the court would conclude that you had not taken into account the weather conditions and failed to take account of stopping distances. To raise this in mitigation could cause you further problems, in that the fact that you failed to take into account all the conditions is actually an aggravating feature

What's the Penalty for Drinving Through a Red Traffic Light?

The penalties for Traffic Light Offence are:


  • Fine. If your matter is dealt with in court, the maximum fine is £1000.00. This is the maximum fine that can be imposed and is not a guide. The actual fine imposed will take account of your means to pay. The factors that a court should take into account when assessing your fine can sometimes be easily overlooked. The court should also bear in mind other mitigating features when assessing the fine. Contact us today. You may find that our costs are simply the difference in the fine that you would have to pay.

  • Disqualification. Your license will be endorsed with a minimum of 3 points. This is a minimum and you could face yourself facing disqualification as a result of the totting up provisions. The court do also have the power to disqualify you from driving in respect of this offence alone.


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