Drink Driving

Where the police or Crown Prosecution Service allege that you were driving or attempting to drive a motor vehicle whilst the proportion of alcohol in your body was over the limit, you are likely to be charged with an offence.


For legal these purposes, the limits are 35mg per 100ml of breath, 80mg per 100ml of blood or 107mg per 100ml of urine. Where test show that the level of alcohol in your body exceeds this amount, you are likely to face prosecution.

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Specialist criminal defence solicitors may not always have the specialist knowledge in this area of law. The best drink drive solicitor will be alert to the issues and possible available defences to drink drive charges.


At the very basic level, we will consider and advise you of all the options in your case, this could be from the very simple defences (it was not you driving, or the drink was taken after the driving) to more technical and complex defences including:


  • Were you the one driving on a road or other public place

  • Can the prosecution prove that you were driving on a road or other public place

  • Can the equipment used to conduct the breath test reliable (e.g. calibration and maintenance)

  • Was the equipment used to conduct the breath test legal, i.e. was it modified.

  • Can the breath specimen be relied upon (i.e. gastric reflux or alcohol residue in the mouth)

  • Can the specimen used be relied upon

In addition, it is important that Criminal defence solicitors or drink drive solicitors are careful in analysing whether the police followed the correct statutory procedure.



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