Extradition is the formal procedure used for the purposes of sending an individual to another country, usually to face criminal proceedings.

You are liable to face extradition proceedings if you are accused or convicted of a crime in another country, where the other country has an extradition arrangement with the UK. For a list of countries that have extradition arrangements with the United Kingdom, click here. You should note however, that even where a country does not have extradition arrangements, there is a possibility that special arrangements can be put in place. This will of course depend on the nature and circumstances of the proceedings (or potential proceedings).

With the alert systems that are widely used internationally to apprehend those believed to be involved in unlawful conduct or those convicted of unlawful conduct, early representation is critical.

If you think that an arrest warrant may have been issued for your arrest in the UK, including warrants under the European Arrest Warrant system, early representation is crucial for a number of reasons, as we can:


Determine whether a request for extradition has actually been made;


Advise and represent you in respect of having an arrest warrant withdrawn;


Advise on the best type of bail package that may be required to ensure your liberty;


Advise & represent through all stages especially the early stages such as police interviews.


This need for early legal assistance is amplified if you have been arrested under a European Arrest Warrant. The central aim and effect of the European Arrest Warrant system has been to accelerate the speed and ease of extradition across European countries. As a result, the time limits in these cases are strict and extremely tight.

During this distressing and technically difficult process, our team of specialist criminal lawyers can advise and represent you during the entire process. We will advise you from pre-arrest, through effective representation at the police station, to representation in the Magistrates Court and High Court. Our emergency response team are on hand 24 hours a day 365 days a year to provide advice and representation without delay.

Whilst most extradition cases are resolved in court, there is sometimes the possibility of a negotiated settlement and we would look to negotiate a settlement where at all possible, depending on the circumstances of your case. In more serious cases, negotiating an acceptable plea, may prove beneficial on arrival at the other country.



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