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The Central Fraud Division (CFD) was established within the Crown Prosecution Service in April 2010, as a result of the merger of the Fraud Prosecution Division and Revenue and Customs Division of the CPS. The Central Fraud Division was set up to provide a specialist prosecution and advisory service for complex, sensitive and high value fraud cases throughout England and Wales and for all fiscal fraud and export control cases Investigated by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC).best-specialist-fraud-solicitors

The Central Fraud Division (CFD) divides its work into two broad categories: fiscal and non-fiscal.

Fiscal crimes generally involve activities such as tax credit fraud, direct or indirect tax evasion, excise duty fraud and Missing Trader Intra-Community fraud (MTIC, also known as 'carousel fraud').

Non-fiscal crimes, generally involve activities such as taking money directly from others. The CPS will often site common examples as pyramid schemes or allegations of mortgage frauds. Fraud cases that are complex, sensitive or have a value of more than £1 million are dealt with by the CFD. Other fraud cases are handled by Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Areas. In either case, SJ Law are experts in defending such allegations.

The CFD also deals with other non-fiscal crimes such as illegal arms trafficking, sanctions violations and money laundering.
Although the Division's formal take-up criteria is a provable loss of £1million there are additional factors which may make the case suitable for CFD to take on, including:
- difficult corruption and bribery cases, especially concerning public (including foreign public) bodies or officials (other than the police, which are referred to the Special Crime division)

- cases where local concern makes it appropriate to refer the case outside the area

- frauds on the governments of other countries

- cases where widespread concern makes it appropriate for the CFD to co-ordinate and set standards
- difficult cases requiring specialist knowledge such as Stock Exchange practices, regulatory bodies, complex banking issues, shipping law etc

- complex and high value "boiler room" and "Ponzi" frauds, and

- significant money laundering connected with fraudulent activity.
You will need a firm that is equipped and able to deal with the challenges brought by these cases and to counter the expertise that the Crown Prosecution Service have tried to put together in the Central Fraud Division. At SJ Law, you will find specialists in defending a wide range of fraud and fraud-related crime, much of which is international, serious and highly complex.

Should you feel that you may be investigated for any of the above or even if you just need advice to ensure that your activities do not fall, contact Rob Johnson today for a no obligation consultation.

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