Defending Serious Fraud Office Prosecutions

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) is an independent Government department responsible for investigating and prosecuting serious or complex fraud, and corruption.

The Serious Fraud Office has jurisdiction over England, Wales andspecialist-fraud-defence-solicitor Northern Ireland but not in Scotland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.

We have at our disposal expert forensic accountants and professional investigators and lawyers to investigate and defend the most serious or complex instances of fraud and corruption. It is imperative that you partner with a firm with expertise that can counter that of the SFO.

At SJ Law, you will be represented by some of the finest criminal legal minds in the country. With a background of Banking and Financial Services Law and an ability to advise on fine black letter law with access to the countries best experts in their field – we will tailor a team specific to your particular circumstances.

The SFO are able to use their special legislative powers to obtain the evidence needed to build cases and it is therefore imperative that your chosen firm be in a position to oppose or resist attempts to obtain evidence unfairly or even unlawfully.


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