Border Offences

The Border Policing Command takes responsibility for securing borders & dealing with organised, serious and/or complex threats from criminal activity before those threats reach the United Kingdom borders.

The Border Policing Commands work encompasses the United Kingdom Border Force seizures of:

  • Prohibited or controlled drugs
  • Prohibited Firearms
  • Cash,
  • The importation of prohibited goods
  • The importation of restricted goods.

The Border Policing Command will seek to develop and share an understanding of threats with leading border partners with a view to developing a multi-agency response to coordinate action to tackle threats before they reach the UK.

The Border Policing Commands work spans over 150 countries utilising over 600 officers worldwide, including officers based permanently at UK ports and airports.

If you think your business or personal activities might attract the attention of The Border Policing Command, contact us so that we can investigate your concerns.


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